We love ramen more than a human should be allowed to love food. That said, one cannot survive on ramen alone, and lord knows we have certainly tried. The secret fuel behind every bowl of ramen is a sneaky protein packed Rice Ball known in Japanese as an Onigiri.


In the 2018/2019 winter season we opened our satellite shop Miso Toh Kome, (mee-soh toe koh-may), at the base of the Jet Triple Chair at Jay Peak Resort. Each onigiri is packed with tasty miso inspired proteins such as our legendary miso spicy tuna and braised cha-shu pork belly. Also featured is the traditional sour plum, Ume Boshi, onigiri, Momo’s Miso Soup, and Pokka Japanese canned coffee and tea. All items are served fresh, fast, and perfectly portioned to keep you shredding in winter and grooving in summer. Guaranteed to keep you warm on the lift and never let you down.


During the winter Miso Toh Kome is open all weekends and holidays at the base of the Jet Triple, and available for events throughout New England in the summer.