Our Story

There is a tradition in Japan to understand everything is ever changing and growing.
Every aspect of Japanese society is rebuilt and renovated on a daily basis, from
temples to hair color the change never ends. Their attention to food is no different. Their
recipes continue to develop through countless generations, and every meal is a new
and exciting experience. This culinary tradition is 49% of the Miso Hungry Story, the
other 51% is that of Momo and I’s experience traveling around the world, a love for
cooking good food, and a passion for mobility and freedom.

Momo and I met 10 years ago whitewater raft guiding in Japan. From day one we lived together in a stinky raft guide sardine-can accommodation, and hardly spoke until the language barrier began to fall two months into the season. From then on it was evident, beyond all doubt, Momo and I were two halves of the same wild and spontaneous whole. We shared a love for good food, better cooking, skiing and snowboarding, travel, dancing, and wanting to work for ourselves.

Sitting at Udon Shop.jpg

Our first time exploring Japan as a couple in Kyoto 

Surfing in Australia same wave.jpg

A rare shot of successful surfing, five minutes from our home in Noosa, Ausatralia 

We spent three winters in Japan, a summer in Boulder, CO, three months in NY, a ski
and surf year in Australia, and several one week visa runs throughout Southeast Asia.
In 2012, when living in Mt Buller, a ski area in the Australian Alps, Momo and I began to
ponder a way to continue what we love and the idea of working for ourselves. We drew
on our experiences traveling, of working in hospitality since high school, my experience
working and managing restaurants, Momo’s specialty in Japanese cuisine, and our love
for skiing and snowboarding. In Japan we witnessed food trucks succeed in busy ski
resorts and wondered why, elsewhere, winter food trucks did not exist.

We both agreed then, if we ever had the money to start our own truck selling our favorite Japanese food, Ramen, we would go for it.

Unfortunately, we never had the money. We spent every penny we had on plane tickets and starting a new life every three-six months. Then came summer 2014. I was offered a job to re-invent a restaurant in my hometown on a small golf course. I took the job and Momo stayed in Japan for two months to study ramen and make money. It was a long two months, but it allowed me time to rebuild the restaurant with an amazing chef and friend, Evan Luey. In those two months Chef Luey and I did well enough to pay for an engagement ring and longboard for Momo, and when she arrived I asked her to marryme in the airport. She said yes.

Wedding Boat Pic.jpg

Our first wedding day on the Sacandaga Lake, Upstate NY 

The plan was to run the restaurant for the summer, then Momo and I would leave for
New Zealand for a year. But when the restaurant did well with Chef Luey, Momo and I
working 70+ hour weeks but making good money, we brought up the idea to start the
Ramen Shop then and there. When we finally agreed to go for it, we were married 36
hours later and bought a hollow cargo trailer for $3,000. Seven busy and exciting weeks later we opened Miso Hungry – Authentic Japanese Ramen near Jay Peak Ski Resort.

We had an absolute blast all season meeting some amazing people and have slowly
came to the conclusion, for the first time in four years, we weren’t going to pack our
bags and move away in the spring.

 What has ensued in the last two years can only be described as walking and riding blind through an amusement park whilst loving every waking minute. We are not business men, we are not organized, we forget EVERYTHING, we ski a little too much, and our life still didn’t exist beyond the next weekend’s event. That said we stayed true to our “business” morals: Love everyone we meet, good, bad, and in different, work as hard as our body and minds can manage, keep the passion in the cooking, pay our staff enough to make them want to come back, and treat every event and everyday as if it were the  most important yet. Because of these shared morals our love has grown stronger each day, a love for ourselves, for each other, for those around us, for our business, and of course for our dog Miso.

This love coupled with the support of our friends, family, and those looking down from the heavens has helped us begin our life in Jay, VT where we now own a home, and have renovated an old tram car on Jay Peak Resort Premise for winter operations. We are extremely fortunate to find ourselves where we have landed still noodling, still
loving, and still making new friends everyday.

Thank you for finding us and reading our story. We look forward to respectfully noodling you in the very near future!

early Miso Hungry COuple shot.jpg

First Winter in the trailer at Jay, Vermont